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Advanced+ Shaving Cream

Advanced+ Shaving Cream

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Not all shaving creams are created equal. As we age, our skin isn’t satisfied with the quick and easy brands we’ve been grabbing all our lives. You need a shaving cream made with mature men in mind–to nourish and repair your skin and keep you looking and feeling your best.

We formulated our Advanced Shaving Cream with only the finest botanical ingredients, including

This shaving cream helps restore elasticity, protects sensitive skin, and leaves you with a silky-smooth shave every time. Its anti-inflammatory properties help combat irritation and improve your skin barrier so you can start every day looking and feeling your best.


Lather directly on your face or whip up in a lathering bowl and use a shaving brush. If using a lathering bowl, load brush and use circular strokes to exfoliate your skin. Once finished, rinse thoroughly for a clean, residue-free shave.

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